How argumentative writing is different from persuasive one

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Types of essays

Either argumentative or persuasive essays have a goal to express a concrete opinion, but they differ in the way of expression. After reading this chapter, you will know, how argumentative writing is different from persuasive one.

Writing argumentative essay, one as a rule provides reasons to presented opinion. It implies determination of reverse viewpoint. With the help of various examples, illustrations, facts authors convince the reader that opposed meaning is wrong and author’s opinion is well becoming.

Writing persuasive essays, the writer tries to assure narrates striking a sentimental note and appealing to reader’s feelings. Persuasive essays include reverse opinions, as the author can mention the opposing reasons, but as a rule he or she does not provide their analyses. Persuasive essay is called non-reversible and unilateral essay based on individual conclusions.

Writing these essays pretends to be superior and more complex, because they contain analyzing problems from different perspectives.

Controversial methods

Argumentative essay based on impersonal argument supported by reliable proving, reasons and illustrations. From the very beginning authors provide counter arguments, having a goal to prove their invalidity. These works promote general review of basic judgments and choose among opposing viewpoints one, which will be the most veracious and correct.

Writers of these papers can apply several methods during argumentative essay writing. Opposing views can be shown obsolete and grounded on inaccurate studies or they can be considered untruthful.  These papers aim at presenting reasons, logically proved and rationalized. A narratee can disagree with writer’s statements, but this work does not have purpose to convince readers ad finem. The higher purpose is to provide reliable arguments. Reader should sit up and take notice of author’s viewpoint, even if they do not agree with it.

Persuasive writing technology

These papers speak to senses of reader in persuasion attempts. Authors begin to believe readers’ opinions are improper and try to improve their intussusceptions with the help of papers. This is calling with use of traditional perspectives of correct and incorrect to lead readers to the author’s path with emotional perception. Persuasive writing can recognize the presence of contradictory opinions, without investigating them. Authors try to make their views more convincing and decisive. These works are implemented to individual beliefs and persuasions; they are created for certain receivers in contrast with discussed before argumentative works, designed to a wide audience.

Persuasive writers depend upon feelings and affections, not upon facts and statistical estimate, making their conclusions. These papers aim at conclusive and affective conveying to give the reader firsthand arguments.

Differences in composition

Argumentative and persuasive papers differ in structures. First ones investigate each problem from different perspectives and make appropriate conclusion, conforming to work’s central idea. Latters ignore reverse arguments from the very beginning. They just highlight their standpoints throughout text.

Conclusions are made differently as well. Controversial work concludes with review corresponding statements and an approval that author’s version is right. Persuasive essays end with an appeal to naratee to change their opinions in favor of paper’s judgments.

These essay types have similarities. Distinction lies in way to prove statement. Discrepancy of means to change views can be thorough, some respects (discovery criticism, attitude to the narratee, cogent tone) are identical.

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