No matter if you are school or college students, you face a lot of essays. All classes imply this assignment, despite your ageschools you study in and time of a year. One of the toughest tasks people manage to fail is called a persuasive essay. Are there any allowed secrets of writing that let you feel free with this paper? Is there a good strategy to choose? Yes. We have gathered some great ideas and hints you can read to write an outstanding argumentative text. Read and memorize the list, and improve your life in high schools.




It is important to find a proper topic. In the persuasive text, it can concern everything: family and public affairs (parents, kids, relationship between children, child abuse, support we receive, etc.), health, body, food, personal skills, animals, death, boys and girls, workrightsmoney, society, marijuana, music, art, our place in the world. To cut a long story short, it can be about everything required for our well-being, real or unreal, legal or illegal. Try to choose something relevant to your audience. Something interesting enough to make them read and listen. Learn your audience. Check its:


  • age – young people and adults have different interests and imply different levels of contradiction;
  • a number of participants – in a small group it is easier to develop a discussion and pick persuasion approaches;
  • diversity – some persuasive writing topics are not pleasant for women, some for people came from foreign countries.


Start with making a detailed plan and outlineCheck information sources on the Internet . The more you know about your topic, the stronger essay you will get. Gather all ideas related to the subject and squeeze them into a thesis statement.




  1. It is vital to follow a proper order of composition. Consider your essay a speech. Divide text into paragraphs. One paragraph-one argument. Come from the weakest one and finish with the strongest. Provide every argument with sufficient evidence.


  1. After years of reading through the award-winning persuasive essays, we can say that teachers like giving the highest grades for the complete papers. Be confident to place all thoughts into a predefined number of words or pay attention for the page count.


  1. Give the audience some space for discussion. For instance, you state that drugs can be legal and cannot be banned completely. Your job is not to be stubborn, but to allow an argue flowing naturally. Support both points of view with different arguments.


  1. At the same time, you have to develop your clear opinion about the subject you write about. The reader should have a clear understanding of your standpoint. Be confident not to get dip into complicated details. Make research based on an appropriate and relevant knowledge system. In other words, speak the language of your audience.

As you can see, nothing is impossible with sufficient preparation. Study the environment, follow the persuasive essay structure, apply persuasive approaches. Learn the tips you’ve just read by heart, and you will pass every persuasive essay you’ll face with flying colors.