4 Steps to Start a Successful Persuasive Essay

When you are required to write a persuasive essay, it is important to know the main principles and rules on how to create this work. You need to research information to choose from interesting persuasive essay topics. In this type of paper, you must persuade your readers to follow your point of view. A good idea is to make sure the chosen subject has more than one personal opinion on the particular problem. We are going to provide people with some great topics with examples on how to start your work.   

1.Choose a right topic

Writing persuasive essays is different from an argumentative paper or a public speech. You can search for topics about music, art, military, tax paid, animals, girls and boys, parents and children, work and free time, food, social care, networks like Facebook, etc. All pages should be based on persuading your readers. You can base your essay on your own experience – just offer people to wear your shoes.

2. Make a hook to grab readers’ attention

People like to read and discuss various things including violence, drugs, human rights, government, education, recycling, etc. Place a bright introduction. Make them interested in reading the entire persuasive essay.

Example: In the modern society, many teachers in all countries and states feel worried about the education system. Is it a real problem and should every country and state review and check what modern students study during classes in high schools to change the situation? The quality and level of education must be changed. Every student should be allowed to learn the list of chosen subjects and receive an email to pass tests online.

3. Be an expert in the topic

You should sound like a professional to select a controversial topic for a persuasive essay. The introduction is a short part of your work. It shouldn’t be longer than a half of the page. You have to give people enough information to show the importance of the topic of your academic paper.

Example: Time and time again, we understand that taking drugs is dangerous for health. Many women, men and people in young age pay marijuana that kills their body and mind slowly. Shouldn’t this be totally illegal? A great number of children gets low grades in a college or school because these kids are taking drugs secretly. A huge number of adults who take drugs, leave their job and lose skills because they haven’t got any support from the family and friends. Drugs should be banned to save many lives and prevent death.

4. Try to see and refute arguments against you

Of course, you should put your entire persuasive essay in your own argument but you need to mention and disprove other opinions. This will help you to persuade readers easier.

Example: While drunk people are driving cars, it means they agree to hurt others. A person can drive drunk every day, but once he or she may hit the child on the road. Of course, there is a law but it doesn’t work always. It is possible to find many issues when a criminal pays money and gets fun at home instead of years in prison. There should be an order, like a mandatory requirement because every life in this world is priceless.

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