Persuasive essay plan and advice

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How to write an essay

The essay has the goal of assuring the reader (listener) in something, changing or consolidating his opinion on a particular issue if author’s and reader’s opinion coincide. Here is some milestones on creating a good persuasive essay plan.

Both non persuasive and persuasive essays have general features:

  • The presence of certain issue or essay topic. The work cannot analyze a large number of issues. Finished analysis will be focused on one certain theme, e.g. “global warming”.
  • Good persuasive essay expresses personal experience and observations on thesis statement or issue and obviously does not pretend to define or comprehensively expound the subject.
  • The argumentative essay can have philosophical, historical-biographical, literary-critical, popular-science or purely fictional character.
  • Paper content can help evaluate author’s individuality , his worldview, thoughts and sentiments.

Writing persuasive essay is provided as a task quite often. It is one of main parts of documents suite (upon school research paper,  college entrance or recruitment). Custom essay writing can be very helpful. It allows conveying opinions according to the structure the essay, presenting information, using central concepts, identifying etiological cue and arriving at personal conclusions. Topics can be very diverse: “Effects global warming”, “My future career”, “Prohibition on drugs” etc.

Persuasive essay outline and planning

The structure your paper is specified be demands imposed on it:

  • The author’s opinion is expressed in brief theses.
  • The thought should be maintained by proving, thesis is followed by side the argument.

The number of theses and arguments depends on the persuasive essay topic,its type, number paragraphs, chosen plan, logic of development of entire article thought.

While essay writing it is also essential to examine following items.

  • Introduction and conclusion should focus the essay mail idea (in the beginning it is outlined, in conclusion paragraph summaries writer’s view).
  • It is necessary to select paragraphs, red lines, to write word phrase briefly, to establish the logical consistency of paragraphs: thus work  integrity is achieved.
  • Style of presentation: compositions are emotional, expressive, artistic. Experts believe that proper effect is provided by short sentences identifying key problem and specific terms words. The style reflects individual characteristics.

Before you start to write argumentative paper, pay attention to the following questions. The answers to them will allow you to more clearly define what is worth writing in your work:

  • Touching on your personal qualities or abilities, ask yourself:

Do I differ in this or that quality from those I know? In what way does this quality manifest itself?

  • About activities that you were engaged in (do):

What made me do this kind of work and why did I continue to do this?

  • About every event in your life that you mentioned:

Why do I remember this event and has it changed me as a person? How did I react to it? Was this a revelation for me?

  • About every person you mentioned:

Why did I choose this person? Am I trying to become like him and what qualities do I admire? Did he tell something that I will remember all my life and have I revised my views?

  • About each of your preferences and what you do not like:

Has this circumstance affected my life to a large extent?

Writing essay does not require strict internal structure. Since this is a small form of custom written work, it is not necessary to repeat conclusions at the end, they can be included in body paragraphs of main part or in topic. Argumentation can precede problem formulation. The formulation of the problem can coincide with the final conclusion.

This work is a retort addressed to the prepared reader (listener) – a person who already represents what will be discussed. This allows the author to focus on uncovering a new one and not to clutter up presentation with official details.

The paper writing is not limited in time. You can choose your topic, rewrite it many times, ask your friends to read the essay. Take advantage of all the opportunities and try to avoid common mistakes.

Not every author is strong in this type of work. Compositions are well written by authors who already have writing skills and experience in publishing articles, notes in newspapers and online publications. Our authors can help you to write a paper on any subject and discipline.