Tips for preparing high school persuasive essay

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High school students should understand that learning how to write a good persuasive essay takes long time. It is impossible to write an argumentative essay without preliminary preparation, which experts would rate for high scores. Here are some tips for preparing high school persuasive essay.

In many high school students are required to persuasive essay samples throughout their schooling. Stable skills and good results appear after 2-3 months of work (approximately 15-20 written papers). Systematic training, dedication bring high results. You need to sharpen your skills in practice with direct help and careful control of teachers and parents.

Persuasive speech and papers demand a strong argument, scientific and specific thesis statement examples. Persuasive speech topics are very paradoxical, unusual statements that require imaginative thinking, an unconventional approach to problem solving.  It makes its impact on essay writing style, requires maximum concentration of strength and attention.

Papers are evaluated by specific people. For an expert who checks on a day from 10 to 40 works, to note a composition as worthy of attention, this work should not only meet all the requirements, but differ in originality. High school student should not just present the scientific and factual material on persuasive essay topic, but pleasantly surprise with the non-standard and flexibility of thinking.

Algorithm for paper writing

You need to correctly allocate time. If you write an essay on the exam, it’s best to start after all other tasks have been solved, if there are any. During test young people usually are not allowed have cell phones, they cannot plagiarize works of other people from the Internet. This type of work requires maximum concentration of student’s efforts. If you have enough time to write a work, carefully choose topic, think through the persuasive thesis statement and only then start writing.

Make sure you clearly understand what the topic is about, what the author wanted to say with this phrase. To remove doubts to whether you correctly understand the topic, reformulate it in your own words, determining the main idea. You can do it either orally or on a draft.

Persuasive essay topics can be very diverse. The most common ones:

  • Can people keep exotic pets at home?
  • Are scientists allowed test cosmetics on animals?
  • Should students and teachers be allowed to have free dress code?
  • Are social networks good or bad?
  • The effect of global warming on the environment.
  • What is better public schools or private ones and why?

On the draft the student makes only the outline of his persuasive paper, exemplary short sketches of the meaning of the phrase, his arguments, the points of view of scientists, concepts and theoretical positions that he intends to give in his work, and also the approximate order of their arrangement  taking into account the semantic logic of the composition. Do not write the whole work on the draft. When you writing some thoughts come, and when rewriting you will have others and it is much more difficult to remake the finished text than to create a new one.

The student ought to represent his understanding of the meaning of the statement. Carefully select arguments to confirm your ideas. Arguments must be convincing, grounded and based on the data of relevant sciences, historical facts, facts from public life. Use of terms, concepts, definitions in an essay must be literate, relevant, applied to the chosen topic and science. The work should not be overloaded with terminology, if these concepts are not related to chosen problem.

Arguments should be set out in strict sequence, internal logic of presentation in the essay should be clearly traced. You should not jump from one to another and return to the first without explanation and internal connection, docking certain positions of the work. Complete writing persuasive paper with a conclusion, which briefly sums up reflections and reasoning.

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