Ways of writing a persuasive essay

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How to write an essay

A good persuasive essay is a work which can convince the reader of correctness of your beliefs. Persuasive essay is grounded on person’s opinion on specific subject. There are a lot of ways of writing a persuasive essay.It should be logical and legible in its structure and content; writing argumentative essay should be taken quite seriously.

We advise adhering to following scheme during persuasive essay writing.

1) Take enough time. Develop good thesis statement that you are pleased to assert. Hurry can obstruct you. Attempt to make great five paragraph essay in 100 minutes is not a good idea. Let yourself have time to brainstorm, write and test what has already been written. Put as much effort into your writing as possible during time period that you are allocated.

2) Brainstorming. Before beginning, you need to think about solid substratum on which you can base argumentative thesis. Write about something you really believe in.

If you have to write about things which are not particularly interesting, try to decide what side the argument you can be on. If there is a chance to select persuasive essay topics, try to take one that inspires you, and let you know something. At the same time, notice a topic complexity. If you concern yourself with the pens refills, it is impossible to write persuasive paper about it, choose an item that you are interested in, representing essential matters.

Start to develop counter argument thinking over work. If it is hard to find rejoinders to your standpoint, your work will not be conclusive and weighted and if there are lots of reasons against your judgement that you can not refute, choose easier topic.

3) Write an introductory paragraph. Many believe that introduction is the most essential part, because it influences, whether your text meets reader’s eye or not. Good essay introduction will help provide general information and make text interesting.

Begin with an amazing “schtick”. It should be the opening sentence that will catch the interest of readers:  quotes, question, fact, anecdote or definition. If this helps to draw attenrion, you’ve done everything right.

Use original thesis, do not get stuck on them. It is summary of your text and usually one or two sentences at the end of your introductory words.

4) Make clear and accurate essay structure.  Make several paragraphs, containing the key idea and relating to judgements. Here you advocate your views and give evidence, keeping in mind that without proving your arguments will not sound very convincing.

If there is an opportunity, use facts as averment, because proven facts allow people to rely on something. Consider facts at different angles for one judgement.

5) Use the last sentence of body paragraphs as transition to the next one. For your academic essay to be read smoothly, there should be free transition from one item to another.

6) Add refutation or counterargument. See yourself that you have an opponent who has opposite opinion and defends it. Think of one or two strong arguments to support thesis of opponent’s line and refute them with your counterargument.

7) Write concluding paragraph. This is a good moment to once again identify your milestones and finish all work with the final thought. If this is something that readers will not be able to forget easily, your essay will make an indelible impression.

8) Proofreading and editing. Use spell check on your computer and check your work twice to make sure that content makes sense. Ask others to read the essay. The more times paper is checked, the easier it will be to find mistakes.

Give yourself a day or two and do not look at the essay. If you have planned writing your persuasive paper in advance, this will not be a problem. Then go back to it in two days. This will allow you to evaluate your work with fresh look, identify errors, revise complex phrases or ideas.

There are some more recommendations:

  • Make each sentence meaningful. Adding extra meaning will only take you away from the main topic.
  • Avoid pronouns  “I” or “you”, because with them, your work will look less professional.
  • Do not write too long an essay, it is not interesting and boring.
  • Use synonyms. If you use the same words constantly, it will start to irritate the reader.
  • Find out that you understand what audience you are writing to. Adhere to a specific tone, whether it is a formal, informal, funny form or a form of petition.
  • Take a clear position and do not take the opposite side and do not contradict yourself.
  • Do not copy other people’s work, because you can you can leave the school for plagiarism.

Writing persuasive essays requires some skill and inspiration. Professional authors will help to cope with this task. To order an essay from us is simple: fill out the application form and you will get a quality work on the topic you need.