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How to write an essay

Many people are wondering how and where to start writing persuasive essay. Argumentative essay is different from ordinary composition and is much more complicated. So where to begin a persuasive essay?

Preparing to write essay, you need to prepare a scratch paper. Some students do not know how to make a draft, and write it by way of fair copy of the work – a densely filled paper sheet, almost without margins, but written more casually. Rough copy does not allow improvement of thought and opportunity to work creatively. “Wrong” drafts are suitable for compilation work, not contributing to independent thinking. This method leads to panic fear of individual opinion expression. Sheets of drafts should be left half empty and written on one side. Writing argumentative essay, rereading and editing it, fields are gradually filled in, and on the page back there is scope for concretization, confirmation of your thoughts with examples and quotes from experts. This essay outline makes your work easier and may help you learn how write papers properly.

Where to begin a good persuasive essay?

Accurately position the topic in the draft. The general topic wording is a voluminous and complex task,  it states the main idea. Getting into the topic, you enter that creative space that is outlined. It is a good hook for readers’ attention.  You need to re-read it, because the main task of the student is to understand and solve the topic keynote, and not to wander from the point. It is a good idea to select topic that is the most intimate and understandable, discovering which one can also display his knowledge, erudition, and creative abilities.

Learning how to write persuasive papers make a sketch of an essay. Express everything you want to be written, including concepts, contradictions, associations, theses, examples, opinions, arguments of scientific and domestic character, facts statistics quotes names, events, unfinished thoughts. There is rational kernel in the phrase “Writing is not in the head, but at the fingertips”.

The next task is to convince the reader of correctness of your judgments and to give evidence support the central concept. It is not a mistake if you restate the main idea. This is the main part of the work and it should be the longest.

The introduction centralizes on the basic problems, reveals contradictions, asks questions, delineates the field of creativity within the framework of social science theme. Conclusion is an essential part of the work too. The concluding paragraph should focus on a summary of all judgments.

The essay structure follows logically from the requirements for it. The essay is a short form of the author’s own thoughts on this or that problem, you should state your thesis of the idea itself.  The idea must be supported by evidence, arguments of scientific or domestic character. The thesis is followed by arguments: facts, phenomena of social life, events, life situations and life experience, literary situations, scientific evidence, references to scientists’ opinions etc. It is better to provide two arguments in favor of one thesis statement, since one can be unconvincing.

Writing an essay, it is important to pay attention to the style of presentation of the material. There should be clarity of judgments and expressiveness of style. This is achieved mainly through short, simple sentences, diverse in intonation, and skillful use of all punctuation marks. Persuasive essays should be necessarily be “emotionally charged”, but it is important to show the external restraint of the narrative.

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