In schools lots of us face the necessity of writing a persuasive essay, whether to complete a teacher’s task or to advocate for rights by means of the essay. In each situation – no matter how good your writing skills are – you need to follow the rules of its structure. It will help you to convince the reader.


One of the most important things that should attract readers’ attention at once is a rubric, it should be clear a problem exists and has to be discussed.
Should college athletes receive a grant in spite of a lack of knowledge?
The whole text consists of an introduction, few body paragraphs, a conclusion; question should be presented as a discussable one, where your opinion should seem acceptable. After reading your persuasive essay no one should have doubts. It’s great to make readers think they will gain something by acceptance your position. What’s important is that before writing a persuasive essay you should enquire a question and have a good understanding of problem
In its turn, introduction consists of an attention-catcher, a thesis and a preview. The attention-catcher should be your beginning sentence, you start impressing reader. One of the best ways to catch somebody’s attention is to ask a question, make readers think they have to answer and be responsible. And as they will think and familiarize themselves with your standpoint, they will exactly be persuaded.
Do you think athletes shouldn’t lose their grant regardless of the fact they have nothing to with real specialists?
Another way to start introduction is an imaginative scenario. This is good because of turning on readers’ empathy, but it’s important not to leave the topic, not to overdo it. Don’t forget – you’re doing an essay writing, not story telling.
Picture this! You come to a qualified expert in psychology with your problems, he makes you feel more badly and drowning in depression… And there’s nothing surprising – he has got his diploma because of some successes in sports!
A thesis follows attention-catcher. You should write thesis clearly: write what you think on topic, what’s your answer to the question, and make it dogmatically. The rest of the essay will be based on this statement. You should provide arguments in support of it.
Do you think athletes shouldn’t lose their grant regardless of the fact they have nothing to with real specialists? They should because it can be harmful to our citizens.
The introduction ends with a preview, in which following information is kind of summarized and proclaimed.
As it is believed by many of us, people mostly memorize the beginning and the end, that’s why in body paragraphs, it’s important not to lose readers’ attention. Each paragraph you should start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence has to focus on one evidence, that should be explained and supported; make paragraph start with the most general information, then continue with more specific and end with a conclusion.
According to NCAA, a lot of – if not all – students-athletes are ‘athletes first and students second’, in other words – they dedicate themselves to reaching their sport dreams and ambitions while studying at university or college. This, in turn, leads to their lack of knowledge. Many colleges pay athletes and provide them free education just because of their sports talents. Is that fair and respectful in regard to other students and citizens? It’s obvious that in future we can have problems in various fields of life-sustaining activity, and no one can predict harm of non-qualified workers.
And last paragraph wraps up what has been said previously. The conclusion should be simple and determined, it has to remind all the previous statements, and bring something new and leave readers with a strong impression of text. Do not use same language and same words as in your introduction. An impression can be reached, for example, because of describing ‘an improved world’ contingent upon realizing your appeals, or other way round – how destructive will be the results of slackness. Do not use words “summarizing”, “to conclude”. They will be more relevant in oral presentations, but in essay you’ll irritate your readers with such words.
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