Writing an argumentative essay

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Types of essays

Important things about argumentative essay.

In simple words, it’s an academic paper, which main aim is to persuade a reader that  idea of the writer is more legitimate than other one.

You (a writer) must explain your ideas and make them sound solid. That’s why it would be great to write rational arguments. The research papers of this type are built around one, main argument. It means that you have to make sure you get idea and are ready to prove it.

It’s all about facts, logic, evidence.

What are the differences of persuasive essays from other academic papers?

We’ve just said, main purpose of such paper is to persuade reader that your idea is valid.

There are 4 kinds of these papers. Students can choose to write controversial, expository, analytical or comparative essay.

The first type is related to proving your opinion – sometimes such essays are divided into argumentative. The difference is that you will need to argue with other points of view when argumentative paper is your task, while persuasive ones are more about persuading a reader.

One can be told to write a comparative paper. Its name implies, you have to make a comparison – it can be a comparison of ideas, figures, theories or anything else.

Expository papers are about explanation. It means that you will help a reader to look at an issue or theme from your point of view. It’s probably good idea to tell a reader how do you understand some work of art or a recent world event.

The difference is that writer should be focused on analysis itself, because it’s the most time-consuming part of work and it has to be perfect. Your personal thoughts are important for this paper, but reasonable analysis is a must.

Persuasive writing. How to make it by yourself.

Before starting it, you have to choose a statement you can prove – it’s very important, because if you strongly disagree with the main idea of your text, it would be a serious problem for you to prove its correctness. You choose the main topic from lots of ideas for persuasive essay, you must choose one you believe in. That’s how a reader will believe you, it’s the primary purpose.

You’ve already chosen a subject, you have to perform an analysis of your narratee – will your tutor be your main reader?

If yes, you should analyze if he or she will agree with evidence you will use and with your persuasive thesis statement. That’s the best way to understand what arguments would be the best in this particular case.

Then it comes to the argument – it should be convincing and we’ll use an example to help you. For instance, you need a research on alcohol advertising. You want to make a reader think that such ads should be banned.

  • That’s a bad argument: “In this research paper I will talk about tobacco and alcohol advertisement”.
  • That’s a good argument: “This essay argues that tobacco and alcohol advertisement can lead to increasing of number of deaths from lung and liver cancer”.

 How to write a good thesis statement? Do you need a strong thesis?

It’s one of the most important parts of your research, because a good thesis can make you closer to the highest grade. It shouldn’t be long, 1-2 sentences are enough.

In this sentence you have to clarify for reader how will you prove your thought later in text (because this part would be at the very beginning). We’ll use thesis statement examples.

  • That’s a bad good thesis: “Tobacco and alcohol advertisement are reason of increasing number of deaths”.
  • That’s a good thesis: “Tobacco and alcohol ads are reason of high death rates in the USA because, as it appears from research, they are targeted on underage consumers.”

Write thesis statement (TS) to make it easy for reader – with a good TS he will understand your main idea and methods you use to prove it. Remember, an effective thesis could be your key to  highest grade.

Judgments are ready, you should continue writing a body of your essay and a good conclusion. It depends on your particular subject how will you write them, but there is one common thing for all writers –  structure.

 What is the ideal structure?

The ideal standard is a five paragraph essay that’s when you begin with an introduction, then write a body paragraph (it contains three paragraphs), finish your work with a conclusion. It’s the best way to write a research, but if your paper will have different structure, it’s not a problem at all.

Write a good idea down! 3 pieces of advice that many students can use.

Use many books – your knowledge may not be enough, you should use different sources.

  • Revise your thesis. Edit it until there are no mistakes.
  • Use outline – a draft is important, because it’s much easier to write if you visualize points of your paper. Draft will help you to see essence of your work, with little getting into details.

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