To find a paper theme and support it with a decent research is never an easy thing to cope with while you’re writing a required persuasive essay topics at middle school. The key aim is to persuade a neutral audience (your family, children from other classes or teachers) that the ideas they read about music, art, health, animals, death, illegal deeds or society are sounder.


You are to arrange your argument in order to pull girls and boys to your particular attitude and persuade to take an action after reading. Don’t attack the opposing public like in case with argumentative essays. Just show your flexible and non-standard thinking.


  • Start with a thesis statement and then make sure you protect it to the end. Always call to action to show what the audience must do. Name the grounds for doing your way. Name the potential benefits every child in any of the schools will receive for no money.
  • Use the convincing techniques offered by a world-known philosopher Aristotle: authoritative, emotional and an appeal to logic (in real life they are credibility, empathy, and reason).
  • Make sure your persuasive essay topics at middle school includes rhetorical devices that evoke emotions: epithet and metaphor, hyperbole and some simile, oxymoron as well as antithesis, etc.
  • Pick a topic of your persuasive essay that matters as it will be much easier to place your idea, take a stand on it and shield it. Make sure it is multiplex enough to be interesting and make teachers pay attention.
  • Mind the structure. Check the universal model to do your job well: a subject to reflect the theme, introduction (2–3 sentences to cover the theme), the main part (2–3 paragraphs to describe the essence), and conclusion (2–3 sentences to summarize the body).
  • Each main part’s paragraph must begin with a theme sentence: a quick presentation to give to a paragraph.


When you expect your persuasive essay to be well-taken and you have to get the highest grades, all the above-mentioned requirements are to be followed. If you feel you may have issues when you pass this written paper, it is mandatory to contact a team of writing experts. You can also consult your teacher on the topic of your persuasive essay. One more effective way is to search for a topic on the internet – there are lots of them as well as free samples.



  1. Are Young Kids Dependent on Modern Technology?
  2. Should Dangerous Kinds of Sports Be Banned?
  3. How Important Is It to Prefer Local Food and Support Local Manufacturers?
  4. What Are the Key Women Rights Problems in Different Countries?
  5. The Study of Harmful Influence of Illegal Drugs like Marijuana on Health.
  6. If You Had Much Money, What Charity Program Will You Pick to Donate Some of It To?
  7. Can People Get Prepared for Global Warming Years Ahead?
  8. Should the Government Allow Teens to Get Birth Control Pills in Pharmacies Easier?
  9. Is an Official Uniform in Educational Institutions Really a Bad Idea?
  10. Multiple Exams and the Stress They Provide on Teenagers.
  11. Experience-Based Research: Are Private Educational Institutions Really Better?
  12. Is There a Place for an American Dream on a Modern History Page?
  13. Genetic Engineering on People: Does It Really Have Any Pros?
  14. Has It Become Easier to Adopt a Child in Every State?
  15. How Does Reading Promote Self-Development?
  16. What makes me special?
  17. The impact of technology on humans
  18. Things I’m afraid of
  19. Modern diseases and health problems
  20. Should be smoking prohibited in public places?
  21. Harmful influence of plastic products
  22. How people influence the environment
  23. Horrible influence of video games
  24. How can knowledge quality be improved in schools with low level of education?
  25. Is learning foreign languages really important?
  26. Cleaning snow from sidewalks as part-time work
  27. Should the government prohibit hunting?
  28. 10 pluses and minuses of death penalty
  29. A school official uniform is a good or bad idea?
  30. Are researchers able use cosmetics on animals?
  31. Why helmets should be mandatory for motorcyclists
  32. What is better: public schools or private ones?
  33. Should people be allowed keep exotic animals at home?
  34. Children’s cell phone: advantages and disadvantages
  35. Do mothers have to work or stay in the apartments?
  36. If given a chance, what would you do for a poor old man living down the street?
  37. If I were the president
  38. Do children need to go to a year round school?
  39. Pros and cons of zoos
  40. Achievements of stem cell researchers
  41. The book that influenced me
  42. The person I admire
  43. Qualities necessary to become president
  44. Do multiple examinations provide lots of stress for school boys and girls?
  45. Should teens be able to get birth control pills?

After you choose a theme for a persuasive essay topics at middle school, don’t let any bounds prevent you from writing a decent work. Don’t be too persistent as if with an argumentative paper.  One can order a persuasive essay online from specialists.