The aim of the persuasive essay is to nurture skills  (imaginative thinking, accurate ideas writing) and to convince others of the correctness of your thoughts.

Essay writing lets students learn to clearly and properly express opinions, texturize information with the basic notions, identify causal relationships, demonstrate the experience with proper examples, and draw their inference. Many students have a headache over the issue how to write essay?

Decide on the essay topic: it should be interesting to you and relevant. In this article we will consider an example of an essay on wearing school uniforms. Choosing a topic, make sure that you can pick up the facts and argumentation of your position. Make work plan according to the cause-effect relationships and logic of the narrative.

Think over the arguments for and against. They can be logically correct inferences, historical facts (2-3 points will be enough).  Choose a paper style: most often it is recommended to write in a journalistic and scientific style.

Start your work with an introduction, in which you will explain why you chose this topic. Open up the relevance of the topic and determine the positions of different authors and your own one on the proposed problem.

The debate about positive and negative aspects of implementation school uniforms has been lasting for decades. School uniforms can be casual clothes of high school students during studying, as well as at school official events outside.  Children are compelled to wear their uniforms all the time. There is an issue to decide: is it necessary to have a certain severity or just to restrict the dress code.”

The main part of persuasive essays assumes the argumentation and analysis, the substantiation of the theses, based on the available data and positions on this issue. Give your point of view and its confirmation by selected reasons, relying on historical facts, journalistic and literary sources or social experience.

To wear school uniforms disciplines, adjusts to the educational process with classmates and accustoms to the order.”

Writing persuasive paper you should remember that one paragraph should contain one statement and corresponding proof.

The absence of a uniform school uniforms increase social inequality. Children from a poor social stratum of the population feel less confident and often begin to complex about their appearance. This often leads to the fact that they stop learning and begin to feel themselves “second class” people. It affects the formation of them as a person and leaves a mark on life.

You can give counterarguments to show the opposite opinion.

“The school dress code should not be, but certain framework in clothes is needed. The main reason for abolition is that to wear uniforms leads to imposition of clothing and style, limits rights and does not reveal children’s personalities. Clothes are one way of self-expression.”

Idea of school uniforms does not save family money and does not cover all needs of children. Parents buy ordinary clothes, which mean that the school uniforms may turn into source of additional expenses that does not reduce problems of poor families, but increases them.”

The conclusion sums up the text or once again makes the explanations outlined in the main part. You can finish the essay with a rhetorical question or with an appeal to the reader. It is better to write clear conclusion from above arguments, confirming your attitude to the problem.

Summarizing the above, school uniforms will not muffle self-esteem and self-affirmation, if it is treated appropriately. Policemen and waiters should have works uniforms, businessmen wear business suitsStrict clothing brings children together, creating healthy, harmonious atmosphere in the classroom.”

Use our text as guidelines. Persuasive school essays have to meet certain requirements: stick to them, relying on our samples. You can also order a finished essay of excellent quality.

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