Persuasive essay plan

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How to write an essay

Sometimes writing persuasive essay brings even high school students to nonplus. How and where to begin? How should the persuasive essay be written? Here is the persuasive essay plan:

Let’s recall the plan for writing a good essay:

  • Staging the paper topic.
  • Introductive paragraph and expressing your agreement or disagreement (it is better to agree with great people) and its short (one-two sentence) explanation.
  • The argument and example in defense of your position. (We recommend starting the paragraph with the word “first”).
  • The next argument + example in defense of its position (We recommend starting the paragraph with the word “secondly”).
  • Conclusion (it summarizes everything you said in the essay and makes work more complete and convincing).

Let’s read an essay example written according to proposed essay plan.

“Does the educational institution need special dress-code?

Wearing uniforms is a requirement for many educational establishments. A lot of students dislike this special dress-code and find claims against this demand. This idea is not something bad.  Even parents argue about dress-code is essential. Although school uniforms apply restrictions on schoolchildren’s appearance, they do not restrict students’ right for getting knowledge.

Widespread reason in opposition to implementation school uniforms is that they restrain children’s self-actualization. Students wearing school uniforms can convey their styles and self-awareness with the help of haircuts, bags and accessories. This is the way to outstanding without violation of education uniforms rules.

Secondly, lacks of school uniforms increases ridicule and mockery opportunities. Wearing dress-code children from poorer families would not feel isolated as they do not have a fashionable jacket. The educational institution is place to study, and not mannequin parade. School uniforms save parental money: they do not need to purchase several child’s sets of dress. One special costume will be enough.

The school uniforms teach students to order and concentration. It’s a way to tune in studies and be serious. Children’s equal form distinguishes the educational institution among competitive, which is essential for public schools.

To sum everything up it should be said that uniform is useful and necessary. It alleviates the disparity between children, and sets them up to study. Children must have special dress-code during studying.”

The essays examples given here do not replace your work. They can not be copied. Examples are given here to improve the realizing of previously stated rules, comparing them with practical material given here, improve your writing skills. Use our texts as guidelines. The essay as purely literary genre does not have clear criteria, but essays for school, universities, work or competition have to meet certain requirements. Stick to them, relying on our samples.

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